In the interests of fairness: Glaziers Engineering Pte Ltd v WCS Engineering Construction Pte Ltd [2018] SGCA 66

In the construction industry, a payment dispute between a contractor and sub-contractor may be submitted for adjudication under the Building and Construction Industry Security Payment Act. However, the adjudicator’s decision may be set aside if, during the adjudication process, there is a breach of natural justice which causes prejudice to at least one of the parties. In Glaziers Engineering Pte Ltd v WCS Engineering Construction Pte Ltd [2018] SGCA 66, the Court of Appeal considered when a breach of natural justice would occur, and when such a breach would be considered prejudicial.

Defining the Jurisdiction of Family Justice Courts: UDA v UDB and another [2018] SGCA 20

In a divorce, multiple parties – including the spouses and third parties – may claim ownership of an alleged matrimonial asset. In UDA v UDB and another [2018] SCGA 20, the Court of Appeal (“CA”) held that family justice courts, which hear disputes over matrimonial assets, had the jurisdiction (i.e. authority to hear and determine a dispute brought before it) to decide only the claims of the divorcing spouses. They did not have the jurisdiction to decide claims by a third party (i.e. anyone other than the divorcing spouses) over property which was alleged by one or both spouses to be a matrimonial asset. Instead, such third party claims had to be determined in separate legal proceedings.

Further amendments to the Companies Act: Annual General Meeting and Annual Returns Filing Requirements

In 2017, the Companies Act (“CA”) underwent another round of reform. Among the new legislative changes are the modifications of the statutory requirements for the annual general meeting (“AGM”) and annual returns (“AR”) filing. These modifications should minimise the regulatory burden on companies in two ways. Firstly, there will be new and more straightforward criteria for setting the dates for the AGM and AR filing. Secondly, a new AGM exemption for private companies will be introduced.

Looking for Creativity in Telephone Directories: Global Yellow Pages

In Global Yellow Pages Ltd v Promedia Directories Pte Ltd (“Global Yellow Pages”), the Court of Appeal (“CA”) clarified the extent of copyright protection afforded to databases. In doing so, the CA considered issues of copyright subsistence and infringement for compilation of factual material, providing guidance on the nature of copyright protection in Singapore.

An Old-New Dilemma: A Commentary on Heritage Preservation Laws in Singapore

In Singapore, three statutes provide general protection to tangible heritage: the Preservation of Monuments Act (“PMA”) provides for the protection of historical sites and buildings through the National Heritage Board (“NHB”); the National Heritage Board Act (“NHBA”) regulates archaeological investigations and the National Museum of Singapore and its collections; and the Planning Act (“PA”) incorporates heritage considerations into the land planning process. Heritage, in this context, includes sites, buildings, structures and artefacts.