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For interested SMU students, do take note of the following! Students may choose to write case commentaries or journal articles. The Lexicon editors-in-chief will usually put out a call for new case comments – these tend to be on more recent (and newsworthy) cases, or selected Supreme Court cases. The difference is this – whereas the structure of the case commentary is the same (i.e., introduction, facts, holding, and commentary), for Supreme Court case briefs, we require less commentary, as these are, after all, going up on the Supreme Court website. As for articles and journals, feel free to approach any of our editors (Joel, Su Jin, Shu Li, Lokman, or Victoria). We will only require a one-page skeletal of what you intend to write about (e.g. your thesis), and once approved, you may start writing. For those who are looking for a more academic slant, and feel that they can write more, you may also submit your pieces to be considered for hard-copy publication under Lexicon’s journal. Cheers and happy hunting!!