Grace Nai, 3rd Year LL.B. student
Grace loves all things matcha and has recently discovered an addiction to watching video game walkthroughs. In her free time, she enjoys being with friends and family, exploring new places and going on long walks.

Megan Chua, 3rd Year LL.B. student
As a languishing law student, Megan finds comfort in the little joys in life – the occasional The Blacklist binge, the odd 7h sleep, and coming home to her dog Buddy after a long day at school.

Executive Editors

Alexis Lok, 3rd Year LL.B. student
Alexis enjoys treating herself to good food whenever she’s feeling tired and sad. Not only that, cakes and ice cream are her definite go-to desserts. In her spare time, she watches Netflix and occasionally pulls herself out of the house to exercise (after constant nagging).

Nicolette Ang, 3rd Year LL.B. student
Nicolette loves pandas, good coffee and Studio Ghibli films. She also enjoys the occasional street dance class whenever she is free or in need of a pick-me-up activity.

Our Faculty Advisor: Senior Lecturer of Law, Ong Ee Ing

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