EXCO 2020/2021

Soh Kian Peng, Editor-in-Chief
4th-Year LL.B. Undergraduate

Kian Peng is an avid Lord of the Rings fan – so much so that he named his dog Gandalf. Apart from that, his appetite matches that of a hobbit, though, his cooking skills have yet to match up. He hopes to have a house with a nice library one day to house his growing collection of books.

Chai Wen Min, Editor-in-Chief
4th-Year LL.B. Undergraduate

Wen Min is a Year 4 undergraduate. He’s one of two Editors-in-Chief, but he’s also the saikang admin guy. In his free time he plays squash. Other than that he hopes to publish a short guide to law school some day. P.S. Kian Peng’s dog isn’t his – it belongs to his sister.

Lokman Hakim, Executive Editor 
3rd-Year J.D. Undergraduate

Formerly a civil servant. Currently a JD student. Sometimes a Lexicon editor.

Su Jin Chandran, Executive Editor
4th-Year LL.B. Undergraduate

Su Jin is a rising final year student at Singapore Management University’s School of Law. He is especially interested in ideas and concepts concerning human nature and relationships. In his spare time, he’s often found hanging from a pullup bar or having supper with his friends. Hit him up if you have an interesting idea to discuss!

Chye Shu Li, Executive Editor
4th-Year LL.B. Undergraduate

Shu Li loves good food, and is always happy to search for new food places to try, or continue her quest to find the best bubble tea around (recommendations are welcome!). She also enjoys engaging in meaningful conversations with others and finding opportunities to serve the community and expand the mind.

Joel Ng, Executive Editor
3rd-Year LL.B. Undergraduate

When you can’t find Joel in the library, he’s usually spending time reading news on the latest technological developments, which he is very passionate about. His favourite coffee order is a “grande iced americano, add vanilla” from the SMU Starbucks.

Victoria Ang, Executive Editor
3rd-Year LL.B. Undergraduate

Victoria enjoys painting, reading and doing yoga in her free time. She’s also the proud owner of a miniature Pomeranian and a black cat named Toothless.

Our Faculty Advisor: Senior Lecturer of Law, Ong Ee Ing

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