EXCO 2019/2020

Joel Tay, Editor-in-Chief
4th-Year LL.B.

Joel enjoys cooking, eating and water sports. When he’s not hunched over a table reading cases with a black coffee beside him, you can find him searching for the best [insert local food here] and dreaming up ways to prepare it. He hopes to continue doing sports until he reaches that ever elusive point of zero net weight gain.

Tan Shu Min, Emily, Editor-in-Chief
4th-Year LL.B.

Emily was named after the Bronte sister, but prefers mysteries over Wuthering Heights, and the honkaku sub-genre most of all. She has yet to pick a favourite area of law and writes freely based on what interests her at the particular moment.

Rennie Whang, Executive Editor 
3rd-Year J.D.

As a mature(ish) student, Rennie has categorised her decision to attend law school under “interesting life choices.” However, she admits that it has been most fun, and perhaps should be considered one of her rare “better life choices.” In her pre-law school life, she was a Literature student, in the press, and in real estate research, in that order.

Pesdy Tay, Executive Editor
4th-Year LL.B.

Pesdy enjoys reading, working out and travelling. He hopes that one day he’ll be able to get over the permanent travel-bug. His legal interests lie in tort law, medical law and international law.

Soh Kian Peng, Executive Editor
3rd-Year LL.B.

Kian Peng is an avid Lord of the Rings fan – so much so that he named his dog Gandalf. Apart from that, his appetite matches that of a hobbit, though, his cooking skills have yet to match up. He hopes to have a house with a nice library one day to house his growing collection of books.

Our Faculty Advisor: Senior Lecturer of Law, Ong Ee Ing

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