Original Content 

All articles, commentaries, notes, and reviews (hereinafter “submissions”) must be original, i.e. submissions should not have been published, issued, or otherwise made available elsewhere in any form. This is subject to the policy on exclusive submissions below.

Exclusive Submission

The author warrants that for a maximum period of 3 months from the date of publishing (hereinafter “exclusivity period”), that the submission:

  • is not simultaneously being considered by any other publication, and that
  • it shall not be sent to another publication until a response is received from the Management of Lexicon.

After the exclusivity period, the author may have the submission considered by another publication. If another publication has an exclusivity policy and is willing to publish the submission, the author has the right to choose between the particular publication and Lexicon. In case of the former, Lexicon will remove the author’s submission from the site upon notification by the author.

Copyright Infringement

The author warrants that the paper does not infringe the copyright or any other rights of any third parties, that the work does not contain anything which is actionable for defamation, interference with privacy, breach of confidence, passing off or contravention of any other private right or any law. 

Publication Ethics and Malpractice

Lexicon holds itself to the highest possible standards. It does not condone copyright infringement and it takes all possible measures against any publication malpractices. Lexicon requires its authors to warrant that the paper they are submitting for publication is their work, it is original and has not been copied or plagiarised in whole or in part from other works, and if the paper incorporates third-party material, the author would have procured a written licence from the copyright owner to reproduce that third-party material. 

All submissions published on Lexicon: An SMU Law Student Publication are subject to the following copyright licence agreement: 

In consideration of Lexicon: An SMU Law Student Publication agreeing to publish the work(s) submitted by you, the author, you hereby grant Lexicon the non-exclusive right by way of an irrevocable, sub‑licensable, transferable royalty-free licence to: 

  • publish the work(s) in printed formats; 
  • publish the work(s) on the Internet or other online transmissions or by means of any other electronic medium whether now known or subsequently developed, including but not limited to CD-ROMs; 
  • translate the work(s) into all languages and publish the translation(s) using the means referred to in paragraphs (a) and (b); and
  • reproduce the work(s) for conferences, courses, lectures, seminars, symposia and other educational events organised solely or jointly by Lexicon; 

throughout the world for the full period of the copyright in the work(s), provided that Lexicon shall always acknowledge you as the author of the work(s).