Sticking to your guns: Keeping an antique weapon-collecting hobby while keeping out of trouble

Exotic weapons, flashy guns, and explosive fight scenes – these are the fundamental parts of James Bond movies. If you’ve become a fan of medieval weaponry (i.e. guns, swords, knives) after seeing them used by 007, you’d probably want to purchase them online from overseas dealers and ship them to you in Singapore. However, be warned – just as secret agents require a license to kill, you also require a license to bring such items into Singapore.

Did my lawyer overcharge me? And what to do about it

Having lost a lawsuit, imagine receiving this in your mailbox the next day: “legal fees owed to W&O Partnership: $200,000”. While you know that litigation can be expensive, your lawyer had originally estimated the fees to be half that amount. Could he have overcharged you for unnecessary work? How then can you get the bill reduced? This article will first set out the types of legal costs expected in litigation, followed by a guidance on how fees are calculated. Lastly, it will list the recommended steps to challenge a legal bill if you believe that you have been unfairly charged.

The law and policy of carbon pricing in Singapore – Incoming shifts towards greater ambition towards carbon neutrality

Climate change has recently been given greater attention globally, since it poses one of the greatest security threats that humans have ever faced. This paper, which focuses on carbon pricing in Singapore, will first set out the goals that Singapore have set out in tackling climate action at the international plane. Then, it will look specifically at the laws and regulations in Singapore surrounding carbon pricing to meet these goals and assess their effectiveness. Subsequently, it will take a comparative approach and assess the laws and policy relating to carbon pricing in other jurisdictions, elucidating certain learning points and recommendations to improve the current carbon tax scheme in Singapore.

Venturing into the Variable Capital Company: How it works and what to expect

A VCC is a corporate entity tailored for use in investment funds. However, unlike a company which is generally utilised to carry on business, the VCCs can only be used in collective investment schemes. To understand more about VCCs and why their inception is significant, this article will look into what a VCC offers, its benefits and some matters to consider before embarking on a VCC venture.

Can I sue for an inaccurate breast cancer diagnosis?

In December 2020, over 200 patients of Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital (“KTPH”) were found to have been misdiagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer called “HER2”. The misdiagnosis resulted from the false-positive results of HER2 tests conducted by KTPH’s laboratory. While the patients did have breast cancer, the misdiagnosis of the more aggressive condition led to more expensive treatment. This treatment caused severe side effects as well. In such a situation, how can one seek redress through the courts? This article will assist such a patient by informing her of who she can sue, how she might be able to establish a viable claim, and the type of compensation that she can claim for.

Everything you need to know about a Lasting Power of Attorney

It is incumbent on us to be well-equipped to care for our elderly when they lack the capacity to do so. The Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”) has become a popular tool used under such circumstances, as reflected by the increasing number of LPA applications in Singapore from 8,000 registered in 2015 to almost 24,500 in 2019. This article will first explain what an LPA is, before discussing the assessment of mental capacity which is governed by the Mental Capacity Act. Lastly, the risks involved in the administration of LPAs will be considered.

The difference between a contract of employment and a contract for employment

What is the difference between a contract of employment and a contract for employment? If I am a business owner, which contract should I use when hiring: a) employees, b) part-timers and c) independent contractors? This article will first discuss the differences between these two legal concepts before concluding with some practical pointers for business owners. 

Britney Spears under conservatorship – Will I ever be placed under one?

On 29 September 2021, fans of the American singer – Britney Spears – cheered when the court suspended her father’s role as her conservator. Britney had previously claimed that her conservatorship was “oppressive” as her father controlled almost every aspect of her life. The court subsequently terminated the conservatorship completely on 12 November 2021. This article seeks to explain how a conservatorship works, and shed light on similar legal arrangements in Singapore. It will explain when someone might be placed under such a legal arrangement and how Britney can challenge her conservatorship if she was in Singapore.

Avoiding Tax Avoidance When Incorporating a Medical Practice

It is said that nothing in life is certain, except death and taxes. This is especially true for doctors who frequently witness deaths in their occupation and, more recently, have had the taxman knocking on their doors. The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (“IRAS”) has been going after doctors aggressively for tax avoidance after finding out that doctors have been setting up companies primarily to reduce their tax liabilities. Against this backdrop, a doctor running his own practice as a sole proprietor may be unsure if the benefits of incorporating a company for his medical practice would outweigh the risk of committing tax avoidance. This article provides guidance for doctors on how to incorporate a company without committing tax avoidance.